This varies greatly depending on the market situation. Currently in gold. As soon as Bitcoin has stabilised again, the exchange is worth it again. Unfortunately, I personally don’t have much time to act on my own. But on our platform, trading programs can also be connected via interface, which can trade themselves according to certain […]

The central bank of the Netherlands is preparing an ambitious experiment. It aims to investigate whether an entire financial market can be built on the blockchain. Many of the so-called smart contract applications of the blockchains can be replicated using existing technologies. However, the man who is now responsible for a series of experiments at

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In the context of the Blockchain-Cruise-Conference the participants of the panel Pain and fears in 2018 discussed the „Big Picture“ of the crypto economy. It was also a question of what needs to change in order for crypto adaptation to progress successfully. Miko Matsumura started by emphasizing how important it is that the crypto market

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